BTS ((Back To Slay’n)) BootCamp


Those three months of sun loving, beach bumming, margarita sipping fun are done. You’ve been running after the kids all summer long. They’re finally going back to school, and you’re headed back to work. It’s time to hit that RESET button and get Back To Slay’n! BTS Bootcamp is the ‘all-for-me’, no-judgment, hardcore dancing, ass kicking, back into shape experience you need. Take as many classes as you can from now until Halloween. #Slayqueen


Monthly Unlimited

Shimmy, shake and sweat all month long while saving major bucks. Grab this unlimited pass for $145 . #allinfullout

*Single client use only


Boost Pax

5 classes for $60 (Thats less than $15 a class!)

*1month expiration from purchase date *Use them all up in 3 weeks and get 2 bonus classes, my treat! #Bet


(Best)ie Deal

No-one likes to twerk alone. Go CRAY with your BFF on this 10 Pax for $100.

*1month expiration from purchase date *Minimum 2 client use